Gastric sleeve

Restrictive surgery.
It is a surgical procedure that favors weight loss.
Restricting the amount of food that the patient can consume.

What is the gastric sleeve?

Restrictive surgery, It is a surgical procedure that favors weight loss by restricting the amount of food that the patient can consume.

How is the gastric sleeve performed?

The gastric sleeve is a restrictive surgery, which is performed by laparoscopic surgery, where the capacity of the stomach is decreased approximately from 70% to 80%, this considerably reducing the patient’s food intake.

The surgery is normally performed using a small camera that is placed on the abdomen and divides the stomach into two sections, where the surgeon Dr. Garcia removes a section of the stomach and uses an endoscopic stapler this in combination with traditional stitches to seal each section of the stomach. The removed section is the bottom of the stomach, which is the area where the appetite-regulating hormone called ghrelin is found.

How fast do I start to lose weight?

This depends on each of the patients, but the approximate time is in the first week after surgery.

How much weight can I lose with this procedure?

Weight loss after surgery varies from person to person. Most patients manage to reduce between 70 and 80% of excess weight within the first 2 years out from surgery.

How long does it take to see noticeable results in my health and weight?

The results are almost immediate, but the time to achieve a more noticeable weight loss is approximately 12 to 18 months, depending on the discipline of each patient.

Is age important?

Age is one of the factors to consider as well as the aspect of the patient’s health, however this surgery (gastric sleeve) can be performed in adolescents as well as in patients older than 55 years with excellent results, and with a great impact beneficial in the health of the patient.

How long does the surgery take?

The operation time is approximately 1.5 hrs.

How long should I stay in the hospital?

Hospital stay will be 2 nights and 2 extra recovery days at the hotel.

What are the health benefits that I will get with this surgery?

More than 70 to 80% of patients with hypertension may dispense with medications in the short term and more than 90% of patients with non-insulindependent type II diabetes may also discontinue them. Like complications of obesity, they will dramatically improve or disappear such as: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obstructive sleep apnea, gastroesophageal reflux, asthma, joint pain, arthritis, fatigue, psychological problems, and difficulty breathing (dyspnea).

Is it possible that I will gain weight again after surgery?

Yes, it is possible, but the success of the surgery depends on the commitment of each patient, but the surgery alone helps you lose between 70% and 80% of your body weight.

Likewise, it is necessary for the patient to change his eating and exercise habits so that the change is permanent.

What pre-operative studies are required?

1.- Lab work will be done on arrival

2.-Electrocardiogram (ECG) – Depending on age and Up on request by the surgeon *

3.-Chest X-ray – Up on request by the surgeon*

All Inclusive Package – *FLIGHTS NOT INCLUDED


Our All-Inclusive package:

Preoperative support.

Diagnosis and recommendation from surgeon.

Surgery coordinator assistance.

Pre-operative diet and guidance.

English speaking staff.

Transportation – *Ground Transportation INCLUDED

Airport to hotel.

Hotel to hospital and back.

Hotel or hospital back to San Diego or San Diego.

international airport.

Hotel or hospital back to Tijuana or Tijuana

international airport.

One companion is welcome.* Must be 18 years or older.


2 Hotel nights.

2 Hospital nights.

Surgery expenses – All operating room expenses.

Private hospital room for patient and one companion.

Preoperative tests – *done on arrival.


Complete blood count, chem 21, platelets, chemistry, HIV.


Chest X-ray, EKG.

Every medical fee

Chief surgeon.

Second surgeon assistant.

Surgical nurse.


Patients safety and travel policy

Please read policy.* Restrictions may apply.

Policy for both travel & Stay.

Please read policy.* Restrictions may apply.

Postoperative care

Post op diet package.

Prescription medicine at discharge.

Nutritional guidance. *With surgeon.

Nutritional referral for a personalized assessment of nutritional status and interest.

1 year follow up appointments.* With surgeon.

We have no BMI fee or hiatal hernia fee