We use Cardiomed for Hospital as we are under construction for our own surgical center. The reason why we use them is due to they have a state of the art Operating room they work hand in hand with Dr. García to always provide top of the line Equipment, we host all of the lifesaving equipment needed to perform any procedure required during an emergency situation such as an ICU. In this Hospital you will be provided with a private room for you and your guest. You will also be provided with 24/7 English speaking staff; our surgical center and operating rooms are also extremely clean they are sterilized from top to bottom multiple times daily and we exceed both Mexico and USA health standards.

24/7 English speaking

We do have a 24/7 English speaking staff at our Surgical Center.
We understand how scary it can be to come to another country and not speak the language this is why we have English speaking staff 24/7 caring for you to provide you with the best care available and with no language barrier.


Dr. García and our nurses will provide you with all your medications required for postoperative care without having to leave the conform of your recovery room. We only use name brand medication for a postoperative care and in our operating rooms. We will provide you with the medication that will work best for you base on allergic reactions etc. To ensure a fast and healthy recovery.

Pain Medication Control

OSC by Nusance understands our patients needs as close to a pain free experience as possible. We take absolutely no financial shortcuts when addressing pain with our patients. We only use name brand medication for a postoperative care and we understand this is needed for you to be comfortable after surgery and with no pain.