Payment methods

We do accept credit and debit cards Cash or cashier’s check on arrival. All patients must bring an approved method of payment to be paid upon the day of surgery.

You can pay the day of surgery via Cash or a Cashier’s Check or Credit or Debit (Visa or Master Card) even electronic transfers ( Must be done 15 days prior to surgery). Cashier’s Check made payable to Dr. Felipe García Hurtado. *NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED*

Payment help



MEDICARD.* Canadian patients.

ALIVIO CAPITAL.* Mexican Patients only.

Saving plan


At Citerra Finance, we can offer tailored medical loans. 


United Medical Credit Has Helped Thousands Of Applicants Secure Financing For Their Healthcare Procedures Through Our Wide Network Of Healthcare-Focused Lenders. 

ALIVIO CAPITAL. *Mexican Patients only.

We finance the treatments or surgeries of your patients.

Our savings plan:

This savings plan was designed to help our patients achieve their goal of obtaining their surgery.

At the beginning, a deposit of $ 500 USD will be delivered.

Then you will decide the plan that suits your needs. You can submit payments of $ 200 USD. Weekly, biweekly or monthly. You decide.

Once the payment of 90% of the total cost of your surgery is made, we will proceed to schedule the day to perform your surgical procedure.

The remainder to be paid will be delivered the day of your surgery.

If you are interested in our savings plan and continue management with Dr. Felipe Garcia and the Nusance team, We recommend that you make a prior free appointment to provide you with the necessary information.

We invite you to make a call or communicate through social media to schedule your appointment for free.